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Welcome to Nail Polish Pro

The home of professional grade, discount nail polish and products, used by the best manicurists and nail technicians around the world. Nail paint like OPI Nail Polish is the best line in the world and can be found here. Once that manicurist's nail polish color is applied it's up to you to maintain your own fingernail polish. Whether it be that perfect red nail polish or the best products to remove nail polish colors, we are the place to buy all your nail care and finger nail polish desires.

The price you see is the price you get and always with free shipping. We carry some of the top products used by the best nail technicians, at a technician's cost. We are the "nail polish pros", if you are looking for personalized customer service, full information about nail products and your nails you will learn to count on us for all your nail and nail polish needs. We love serving you and we hope you enjoy our large selection and great discount prices!

Polish is our middle name. We eat and breath Nail Polish Products. It is what we love and what we love doing! If you ask our employees, they would tell you they have never worked a day since they started with Nail Product Pro. If you love what you do then it isn't work. We carefully select people with a strong interest in nail beauty and customer service. Our employees love the products we sell or we don't sell them. You could buy your nail polish for more at a site that also sells toasters, but why, when you can buy from a specialty nail polish store at a lower price.

We know our customers because we are a customer. We love helping you have the best, most fun, easiest nail polish product experience possible. Enjoy!


The Team at Nail Polish Pro

OPI Nail PolishBubbles in Your Polish?

Never ever blow or fan your polish dry! Air movement on wet nail polish is the main cause of bubbles in the finish. Also, leave the polish rest for a couple minutes after shaking to allow air bubbles caused by mixing to rise and escape the polish before it is applied.

Flaking Nail Polish?

Polish will most likely last longer by applying several thin coats rather than a couple quick thick coats should make the job last much longer. Take some time, you're worth it. Other than that inferior manufacturing of the products are most likely the cause. Nail polish contains nitrocellulose which is available in many different grades. Only nail grade nitrocellulose should be used for nail polish, as opposed to industrial grade. Some lower grade nail polish manufacturers have been known to use industrial grade nitrocellulose secretly to save money, as it is much cheaper than nail grade. This is why we only buy our nail polish from well known, safe, popular manufacturers.

Minor natural nail color imperfections?

Depending on your shin tones use a light close to clear base coat before your finial nail color choice. If your skin tones lean toward the olive or yellow try a light peach nail polish base color. Red to pink skin types should try a close to clear pink color to cover natural color imperfections.   Shelf Life of Nail Polishes?

*"As a rule of thumb, nail polish can last at best for two years. While from a health perspective there are no chemicals in nail polish that are dangerous after two years, the polish typically dries to a point where it's discolored, or a smooth application cannot be achieved.

Are There Ways I Can Extend Nail Polish's Shelf Life?

1. Keep polish in a cool, dry place. Nail polish is most affected by heat.

2. Keep a tight lid on the bottle. While this may seem simple, ensuring your polish is fully sealed can go a long away in extending its life.

3. Store nail polish bottles in an upright position. Bottles that are kept on their sides (or even upside down) can discolor more easily because it's harder to shake the pigments together.

Should I Refrigerate My Nail Polishes?

While many claim that keeping polish in the refrigerator will extend its shelf life, there is no conclusive proof that this method works."

The History Of Nail Polish

Do you know The history of nail polish? That around 1920 When automobile paint was created, it inspired the introduction of colored nail enamels?

The first commercial colored nail polish was invented by Revlon in the 1920s and still today the chemical composition of nail polishes are close to that of car paints? Before this some women painted their nails using a clear, glossy varnish. It is known that about 5000 years ago the Chinese used a colored lacquer made from a combination of egg whites, Arabic gum, beeswax and gelatin. The mixture, when applied to their nails for a period of time from a couple hours or much longer stains the nail a color ranging from pink to red. During the Chou Dynasty around 600 B.C. Chinese royalty used gold and silver to decorate their nails. A fifteenth-century Ming manuscript cites that for centuries previous red and black were the favorite nail polish colors of their royalty.

The early Egyptians used henna to stain to color their nails as well as the tips of their fingers a reddish-brown. The Egyptians used colors of their nail polishes to show social order, red signified the top of society with Women of lower rank permitted only pale hues.

It is unclear how the practice of coloring nails progressed but it is know that some Native Americans had colorful nails. There are portraits from the 17th and 18th centuries show shiny nails. Around the turn of the 19th century, nails were sometimes tinted with scented red oils and polished or highly buffed with a soft chamois cloth. In English and US 19th century cookbooks directions were included for making nail polishes and paints. Then in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, women pursued a polished, rather than painted, look by massaging tinted Pumice (a textural term for a volcanic rock powder) and creams into their nails, then buffing them to a gloss.

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